We recommend to have your vehicles braking system checked on a regular basis for the safety of your passengers and yourself.

At BSW Autohouse we offer a free brake inspection which is carried out by our fully qualified mechanics. This involves checking your brake pads, discs and/or shoes.


Virtually all modern cars are equipped with disc brakes on their front hubs although some high performance vehicles may also have them on the rear. Over time, friction surfaces will wear away and the brake pads or discs will need replacing. Should the brake pad’s friction material be allowed to wear out completely, the metal backing will be brought into contact with the brake disc, which will damage its surface severely.

When replacing break pads or discs, they must be changed in pairs and never one side. As a footbrake is operated hydraulically, every metal and rubber pipe should be inspected for rust, splits and leaks during brake servicing. It is essential to check for brake deterioration as brake lines deteriorate and corrode with age and can lead to brake failure.

For brake servicing in Newcastle, Castlewellan, Dundrum and the wider County Down area, call BSW Autohouse today on 0274 372 7112.